Bambino and Cadet Academies

Bambino Academy: 6-7 years
Bambinos meet twice a month on the 450m Mill Circuit.

You will be driving Biz singled engine karts. You will participate in two 8minute sessions using our race suits & crash helmets. You will have 3 different levels to complete: Bronze; Silver and Gold. As you progress through the classes you will see your Kart control, awareness & skill level improve.
  • Bronze Class (3pm arrival): You will follow an instructor round the circuit, you will gain very basic understanding of the controls of the kart.
  • Silver Class (1pm arrival): Will be more in-depth on use of the controls, understanding of the flags & your opportunity to drive the circuit for the first time with no Instructor regulating your pace.
  • Gold Class (2pm arrival): You will start to learn about racing lines, braking & turn in points & most importantly, you will gain time driving and getting to grips with the Kart. You will also find sections of the circuit coned off to assist you with learning the track. We will also be looking at getting you ready for the Cadet Class.

There are no time restrictions in each class, every child will learn at a different level/rate.
All Children must be a minimum of 6 years old, and maximum of 7 years. They must be a minimum height of 1.22m.
Cost is £30.00 per Child

Cadet Academy: 8-13 years

The Cadet class meets twice a month on the 450m Mill Circuit.

You will compete in two 10 minute sessions using unrestricted Biz Cadet Karts, where you will also receive lap time printouts. There are 3 different classes in the Cadet group: Novice; Intermediate and Advanced/Champs.

  • Novice Class: All new drivers begin here. You will gain good levels of awareness & kart control. We have targets for the children to achieve before they are eligible to move to the next class. Cones are also used to assist with racing lines, braking & turn in points.
  • Intermediate class: We work with you to get you ready for our championship. With plenty of practice on stationary & rolling starts, perfecting those racing lines & working on your race craft (close proximity driving & overtaking).
  • Championship Group: When we feel you are ready, you will be invited to race in our Championship Group. We have a Winter & Summer Championship, usually consisting of 6 rounds, with your best 5 rounds to count. We have trophies at the end of each round with prizes for the top drivers at the final race.
The Cost is £32.00per Child.
The Academy is run by Dan and Adrienne Patterson so please contact them on 07951 335318 / 07951 335308
Dates 2018
Saturday 6th January
Sunday 21st January
Sunday 4th February
Saturday 17th February
Saturday 3rd March
Sunday 18th March  
Sunday 8th April
Saturday 21st April
Sunday 6th May
Saturday 19th May No Gold or Bronze class
Sunday 3rd June 
Saturday 23rd June No Bronze Class
Sunday 1st July
Sunday 15th July
Sunday 29th July
Sunday 12th August
Saturday 25th August
Sunday 9th September
Saturday 22nd September
Sunday 7th October
Saturday 20th October
Saturday 3rd November
Sunday 18th November
Saturday 1st December